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Tim Dallman


Tim Dallman is a guitarist and vocalist who writes and performs his own material, as well as an extensive collection of classic and contemporary rock, pop, country and folk cover songs. His original songs blend elements of all these styles in fresh and often surprising ways.

It's a classic small-town America story... A teenage boy gets a paper route so he can earn enough money to order a guitar from the Sears catalog. He learns to play the old-fashioned way -- by listening to records and picking up the needle over and over again until he finally learns what that part was.


He starts a band with his cousin on bass and friend on drums. They practice in the drummer's parents' garage, trying to play songs by Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, The Cars, Kiss, Rush and other bands they admire. They can't play. They can't sing. But it doesn't matter. They're in a rock 'n' roll band! Eventually, they try their hand at writing their own songs. They played high school dances, class reunions and private parties to hone their craft. By the time they finish high school and go their separate ways, they'd become a pretty good band.

Fast forward a few years... That same boy now plays guitar and sings with several bands spanning different musical genres and has embarked on a new adventure as a singer-songwriter.

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